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"I feel truly blessed that I had so many beautiful opportunities to work with different kids from all around the world on projects that were always built on a vision and a message that can be shared with the world" (Ben Jaimen, 2016)

7 Billion People

Originally written for a school's end of the year show, the song 7 Billion People became so much more and actually developed into a whole movement with hundreds of children from all around the globe forming a virtual choir singing this power anthem.

The message: If we want to change the world and make it a better place, we have to include all 7 Billion people, because all of us play a role in this life. 

Collaborating with two non-profit organizations, Playing For Change and Spirituality For Kids, Ben started a worldwide search to find children from all countries to be part of a stirring video montage that got played along with his performance of the song at Berlin's NYE party in front of a million people. (  / )

Loop Of Life

“… Cause we are, what we will be … in this Loop of Life” -

The idea for Loop of Life was born when the German Diabetes Foundation had contacted Ben in the beginning of 2012 ( Knowing about his musical work experience with different children choirs, the organization asked Ben to write and produce a track for their annual benefit.

The singer immediately became enthusiastic and envisioned to not only record, but also perform with children that suffer from this incurable disease.

Remembering his own experiences that he gained while he working with disabled children in South America, he composed a song that reflects all the sadness and pain, but also the light and the hope that he saw in the children’s eyes.

Collaborating with LA‘s legendary arranger-producer H.B. Barnum (, Ben recorded a powerful anthem that speaks to all humans, reminding us that we all can help to make a change, and a better place in this Loop of Life. 

Not A Healer

Ben was working on this project with the Helios Klinikum Berlin, one of Germany's biggest children's hospitals. (

They had the vision of giving disabled children the opportunity to meet other kids of their age, spending time together and making music together. Later, a bunch of the kids joined Ben in the studio recording the song Not A Healer.

The highlight was of course when everyone joined together on the gigantic stage at the Brandenburg Gate, moving the massive crowd and creating an emotional moment for the audience, and for those on stage.

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