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"I feel truly blessed that I had so many beautiful opportunities to work with different kids from all around the world on projects that were always built on a vision and a message that could be shared globally" - Ben Jaimen

7 Billion People

Originally created for a school's end-of-year show, the song "7 Billion People" evolved into a powerful movement, bringing together hundreds of children from across the globe to form a virtual choir and sing this uplifting anthem.

The core message: To change the world for the better, we must include all 7 billion people, as each of us has a role to play in life.

In partnership with two non-profit organizations, Playing For Change and Spirituality For Kids, Ben embarked on a global search to involve children from every country in a captivating video montage. The montage accompanied his live performance of the song at Berlin's New Year's Eve celebration in front of a million spectators.

(Links: Playing For Change / Spirituality For Kids)

Loop Of Life

“…Cause we are what we will be… in this Loop of Life.”


The inspiration for "Loop of Life" emerged when the German Diabetes Foundation contacted Ben in early 2012 ( Recognizing his experience working with various children's choirs, the organization asked Ben to write and produce a track for their annual benefit.


Ben was immediately inspired by the idea and envisioned not only recording the song but also performing it with children who suffer from this incurable disease. Drawing on his experiences working with disabled children in South America, he composed a song that captures their sadness and pain, yet also their hope and resilience.


In collaboration with LA's renowned arranger-producer H.B. Barnum (, Ben recorded a stirring anthem that resonates with all humans, reminding us of our ability to contribute to positive change and create a better world within this Loop of Life.

Not A Healer

Ben collaborated with Helios Klinikum Berlin, one of Germany's largest children's hospitals, on this project ( The hospital aimed to create opportunities for disabled children to connect with their peers, spend time together, and make music.


Later, several of the children joined Ben in the studio to record the song "Not A Healer."


The pinnacle of the project occurred when everyone performed together on the grand stage at the Brandenburg Gate, captivating the massive crowd and creating an unforgettable emotional moment for both the audience and the performers on stage.

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