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The Program

Ben knows the term "citizen of the world" sounds cliché, and yet, it is the most apt description of how he feels. Born in Berlin, now living in LA, by way of Bordeaux, Tel Aviv, Buenos Aires and London, the singer’s cultural identity and musical tastes were shaped by this relentless globe-hopping. Ben has viewed much from behind a microphone and it’s those experiences that mold into his unique teaching style. His involvement in countless musical projects, from working with choirs in different places around the globe, to writing musicals or teaching orphans in South America, has always been about absolute precision and great passion. 


As result, Ben is extremely determined to find the best teaching approach with each student individually, focusing not only on the right technique, but also on developing a unique style and sound. “Every voice is different, as is every person. My job is to build trust between me and the students, so I can help each and every one of them to take an inner journey, finding and brining out what lays deeps inside, so that in the end they can share their gifts with the world.” 


If you want to start working on making your own music dream come true 

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