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About Ben

Introducing Ben, the musical maestro with a passport stamped in rhythm! Hailing from Berlin but now calling Connecticut home, Ben's incredible journey has taken him through Bordeaux, Tel Aviv, London, Buenos Aires, and LA, sprinkling stardust on every stop.


A true citizen of the world, Ben's musical heart beats to the rhythm of global adventures. His experiences are the notes that compose his unique teaching style. With a background that includes orchestrating choirs worldwide and crafting captivating musicals, Ben's love for music knows no bounds.


But Ben's magic goes beyond the stage and studio. He's a passionate mentor who has shared the joy of music with orphans in South America, embodying the power of music to bridge cultures and hearts.


Now, Ben is on a mission to unlock the inner melodies of young talents. He doesn't just teach; he inspires. Every voice, like every young soul, is one of a kind. Ben's gift is to build trust, guiding each budding artist on a transformative journey to discover their unique sound, style, and self-expression.


Join Ben's musical playground and embark on an adventure of self-discovery through the universal language of music. Whether you want to tickle the ivories, march to the beat of your own drum, belt out your favorite tunes, or harmonize with fellow voices, Ben is here to make your musical dreams come true.


Prepare to compose your own musical masterpiece under the guidance of a true global music virtuoso. Unleash your inner superstar with Ben's expert guidance and ignite your passion for music.



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